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Smart Study Assistant for Faculty

eTutor as a user-friendly Assessment System helps Teacher to design Custom Tests to challenge Students capabilities and get clear real-time feedback on student performances. Using onboard communication system Teacher can use as an effective information sharing between parents, management and clarify Queries at any-time from anywhere.

  • Reduced workload.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Personalized attention on students.
  • Instantly create any type of test.
  • Exclusive Dashboard with real time data.

Smart Study Executive for Principal

eTutor has convenient and user-friendly Dashboard with clear performance analytics. By using this, Principal can view & compare Progress of all Students at one place.

  • Detailed capture of students response.
  • Students/Teachers/ Class lookup.
  • Internal & External Comparison.
  • Better control on education delivery.
  • Details Dashboard with clear insights and reports.

Smart Study Support for Students

With eTutor, Students can Practice unlimitedly with large Question bank, can get Instant evaluation & feedback, eTutor helps students to understand better on their strengths & weaknesses. Self-practice tutorials will help them to analyse their progress about a topic and give them the feedback to improve their performance. It also help them to check the solutions to clarify their doubts instantly.

  • Topic wise Learning resources.
  • Self-paced Practice.
  • Solutions to questions.
  • Scoring Speed & Accuracy.
  • Competition capabilities.
  • Better management of time.
  • Discussion Forum.
  • Dashboard with all reports.

Smart Study Evaluator for Parents

With e-Tutor, Parents can stay informed on Students study capabilities and deviant behavior patterns, which provides real-time study performance analysis of an individual student, can stay informed on Students Real time information on Students performance

  • Real time information about their child performance.
  • Redefines communication between Parents & Management.
  • Stay updated of Students capabilities.
  • Insights and Reports.

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