eTutor lets a Student practice & rewrite numerous Tests from the timely updated Question Bank. Chapter, topic, subject wise practise Tests are included along with real-time AI infused feedbacks. Also Students can get expert Study guidance with the inbuilt self-paced practice along with Solutions for the required questions.

The interface of eTutor is kept user-friendly for Students to improve their score, speed & accuracy on desired Subject along with timely self-practice suggestions. The adaptive teaching based Online Software helps manage time efficiently and improve Study performance with timely feedbacks. Students can compete in customised Exams with other Students and compare achieved Results as well as actively connect with others using the inbuilt Discussion Forum.

The intelligent Dashboard feature in eTutor shows the Students overall Study performance metrics and helps the Student to understand and work on his weak areas. Likewise eTutor lets Teachers and Students engage on a single platform and even clarify raised doubts instantly which assists in Study improvement and in saving time on a long run.

Solutions to Questions

Get detailed step wise Solutions assist for each Question from the timely updated Question Bank. This way a Student can stay focussed on his Study and will help in reviewing his Answers if found to be wrong.


Scoring Speed & Accuracy

A Student can improve his Scoring Speed & Accuracy ability with regular practice for an enhanced Study approach. This way with regular practice a Student can advance his Exam writing proficiency and initiate corrective actions whenever necessary.

Competition capabilities

Engage and compete with other Students to check Study performance and prove talent as well as improve his competitive skills through Class wise participation. This way a Student gets to know his actual Study knowledge and improvise accordingly.

Better Management of Time

Student can manage Study Time efficiently with estimated solving time being displayed for every Question. This helps in improving a Students ability in solving Questions within stipulated given time that will further benefit him in completing Exams on time.

Discussion Forum

Connect with Teachers and other Students to get Queries solved with integrated communication system. This helps in a Student engage with the Teacher whenever needed and place request for online Guidance and Queries.


Dashboard with all Reports

The intuitive Dashboard shows clear Insights and Real Time Data backed by efficient feedbacks that helps in monitor the Study progress of a Student. This helps in the Student stay focussed on his Study and work out a solution to work on his weak areas.

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